In Summer 2023, Reblossom proudly sponsored our first annual “Beyond Beautiful” retreat at the Hacienda del Sol for five amazing breast cancer warriors! The retreat featured a weekend getaway with a two-night stay at the Hacienda del Sol in the Catalina foothills, fully paid for by the Reblossom. The weekend was a memorable experience for this courageous group of women as they gathered together over food, bonding, and a fabulous private boudoir photo experience with Tucson boudoir photographer Jana M. Suchy of Way Out West Creative! Special thanks to our photographer Jana and the wonderful volunteers who donated their time to provide hair and makeup services for the participants.

The healing power of this event was felt by all—as the women were able to awaken a part of their feminine spirit that was dampened from breast cancer treatment. Your donations to the Reblossom make events like Beyond Beautiful possible and enable us to continue creating positive life-changing experiences for women facing breast cancer and reconstruction in our community!  


“I’m 6 years out from my double mastectomy, but after that weekend I felt a shift, like a new beginning. The beginning of a healing.

I didn’t know how much the retreat weekend would mean to me-staying at the resort, the dinner where you get meet everybody, knowing the girls, getting made up and pampered, the photos-the whole show. All the volunteers made us feel special. You relax, you’re away from home, not distracted. You can be in that present moment.”

“I know deep down it doesn’t matter, but as a woman your breasts are gone after double mastectomy. After having DIEP flap reconstruction, I feel whole again and have my life back, because at the end of the day, I’m a woman!

The photo retreat was an amazing experience-the camaraderie. Sometimes when you go through treatment, you feel really
alone and isolated. It was wonderful to connect with other survivors, to share our story, our journey-that you’re not alone.

It has helped my self confidence. Ever since
the retreat, I see myself in a different way. We all deserve to feel beautiful and special.”


“For me, the photo retreat was the end, a way to memorialize the end of my journey. To appreciate how far I’ve come. Looking sexy feels weird, when in a place where you feel anything but. Cancer was very disheartening every single day, looking at myself with all the scars and cuts and tubes, the nipple thing-although the 3D nipple tattoos look lifelike.

For me, I didn’t know anyone else with breast cancer. To hear others’ individual stories, their struggles, just an opportunity to bond and talk with other women going through the same thing.

Initially, I was a bit uncomfortable doing a boudoir photo shoot, but it truly did make me feel powerful and beautiful again!”

“Ever since treatment, I haven’t felt like myself. When I was taking the pictures I felt insecure, but when Jana showed me some of the shots, I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. The images you captured all look so amazing. It gives you a different view of yourself that you never see or feel.

Breast cancer sucked, but it’s one of those things-what comes out of it can be amazing. I’m valuable. And for someone else to see it, to see the photos. Cancer was a nightmare in my life, and this was such a beautiful way to come out of it.”


Silvia Kurtovic, MD
& Raman Mahabir, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

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